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Examples of rich people getting away with crime?

Okay for my essay I need like 7 examples of rich people getting away with crime or something bad. I'm trying to prove how the rich get away with more crime than the poor. If you could give me examples in society, but try not to just give me examples of celebirties. I already know O.J Simpson and Lindsey Lohan. I would love you forever if you give me a lot of good examples lol. Thx

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  1. protopod says:

    1.) My neighbor ran up a huge phone bill on her $1 per month emergency Obamacare Phone. Since she couldn’t pay it, she just tossed it and went and got another one. She found out (from another welfare criminal) that they are tracked by address, not by person…1 per address, so she used MY address to get a second. 2.) A person I know lost his job over a year ago…has been collecting unemployment, but earned over $35,000 last winter plowing Snow with his new Dodge Ram 4×4. Oh, and of course he didn’t claim those earnings with the IRS…so that is actually 2 for the price of 1.3.) One of my cousins sells her food stamps for 0.40$ on the Dollar to get cash. She can’t cook anyway.4.) I know at least 3 people that have MORE than $15,000 in assets, but, still applied for and receive TANF.5.) There are a couple of women in my neighborhood that have ‘live in boyfriends’ with jobs, but, still collect all their benefits.6.) Need I really go on?No…rich people do NOT get away with Crime more than poor people.

  2. protopectin says:

    That’s a tricky task you’ve requested. Celebrities (e.g. OJ, Lindsey, etc) are the only ones where people are going to be pretty certain that they committed the crime and got away with it. Less popular people who got away with the crime is going to be hard to argue because they might have gotten away with the crime or their high priced lawyers might have been able to prove their innocence.For instance, Claus von Bülow was charged with murdering his wife. Did he do it and hire a bunch of big dollar lawyers to get off? Or was he actually innocent and able to get the legal team that was good enough to keep him from getting improperly convicted?There are lots of instances where the public perception is that someone is guilty and their lawyers get them off. Did Casey Anthony kill her daughter, Caylee? Or did her lawyer get her off?Did the Duke Lacrosse players get away with sexual assault because their rich parents were able to hire a big dollar law team? Or were they really innocent and their family money was just able to find the exculpatory evidence to get them off?

  3. heterolytic says:

    you forgot michael jakson XD